First Ever Apps Review

Hello everyone and I hope that you’re all having a wonderful day today. Recently, I received a tweet from a Ron Davis who actually asked me if I reviewed apps on my blog. I did explain to him that my blog was primarily a book review and book-related review blog.

Anyway, long story short he was nice enough to offer me two apps for language and business use. One was the Worldictionary and the other was a WorldCard Mobile app.

He explained that the Worldictionary would actually be great for travelling. I can certainly see the use of that. I am able to speak French, a little Spanish and a little Irish myself. Languages are something that if you want to become a fluent speaker in any specific one you need to keep up with it. That’s something that I have to say I have been somewhat unsuccessful in doing. Perhaps if I had had the Worldictionary to help me I might have been able to keep up better for myself. 🙂 Oh well.

The next app that was gifted to me was a WorldCard Mobile app. This is an app that helps you keep all your business cards together. I might end up needing this particular app for myself because I do get a lot of contact cards from authors and I’m forever losing the little white cards they send me. Maybe the WorldCard Mobile app is something that I need to invest in. 🙂

Both apps can be downloaded through the Apple I-Tunes Store You will need to download I-Tunes for yourself to use both apps. Don’t worry I-Tunes is free. They might be something that you would be interested in downloading. I know that I’m going to check them out as well!

Thanks so much, Mr. Davis for thinking of me for your review and I hope to hear from you soon again. All the best to everyone. Have a wonderful day!


(pronounced My-reen is Irish for “little Mary”. My dad once told me that that was the closest translation of Mareena. My name has such a unique spelling because my dad named me. He told me as a joke once that he didn’t want to name me after a harbor marina.) 🙂

May you read well and often